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CFA Registered Cattery



Instructions - Items Needed for Baby

Congratutions on your BreezyBrook Baby!  We wish you many years of health and happiness together.

You will need:

* Purina Pro Plan dry kitten food

* Fancy Feast Classic Pate 

* Scoopable cat litter any brand

* Medium size litter box no lid

* Lots of Toys

* Scratching Post with toy attached

* Metal hounds tooth comb (can be ordered on Amazon) these cats require daily combing not brushing with brush

Caring for Baby:

In a multipet home slow supervised introductions are a must! Remember first impressions can be last impressions!!

Try to keep baby in a small room at first this is less overwhelming to them when they go to their new home.  Preferably a room that someone sleeps in as they will want company at night they have never been alone.  They may cry at night or even during day just pick them up give them lots of love and reassure them baby is just missing us and their mommy and siblings.

If you have other cats in the house that are on different food and you don’t want to switch them and you want to continue with your food or even if if this not your food of choice it is imperative that you still have this food on hand for baby as abrupt changes in food will cause diarrhea.  Once baby is completely comfortable then you can slowly switch food.. Dry food should be available to them at all times along with fresh water ..wet food to be given morning and night.

Persian kittens can sometimes show signs of stress ...not playing ….sneezing this can be normal but should you see anything coming from nose or not eating (may not eat first day or night that is normal) but not eating next day please take baby to vet.  Persians are a sensitive breed of cat stress can make them sick we spend much time with them giving them much love spoiling them they want to be big part of their family they are not like independent domestic cats they want love!!

We start wiping kittens eyes at about 2 weeks, then daily combing at 4 weeks then weekly baths and blow dry at 6 weeks… then baby gets bath about every 10 days till coming to you.  Don’t bathe your baby for a few weeks till you know they are comfortable.  Once they get a bit bigger stop playing in litter box you only need to bathe every other month as long as you continue combing and bathing your kitty will have nice beautiful coat.

I am giving as much information as I can please any questions or concerns we are here for you please contact us anytime and we wish you the best with your baby and thank you for adopting a BreezyBrook Baby!!!

Dawn and John Herman



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