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CFA Registered Cattery


BreezyBrook Cats, CFA Registered Cattery

14 Miners Lane, Franklin, NJ 07416

973-570-3266 or 973-997-9319 [email protected]

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BreezyBrook Cattery ___will ___will not co-own this kitten

Deposits are non-refundable, and viewed as your commitment to the kitten. Please

make checks payable to either "cash" or John or Dawn Herman. Final payment must be made in cash or check must clear prior to pick-up.

- Breeder guarantees that the kitten listed above is a purebred Persian.

- Breeder guarantees that the kitten has been vaccinated and de-wormed according to

age appropriation by a licensed veterinarian and found to be in good health. A health certificate from the veterinarian will accompany the adoption of the kitten.

- Adopter agrees to have kitten examined by their own vet within 5 business days and is advised to keep kitten secluded from other animals until it has been examined. If the adopter's vet finds kitten in unsatifactory health upon examination and the adopter wishes recourse from the breeder, the breeder will replace the kitten with one of similiar overall quality, only if the kitten is returned to the breeder immediately. If your kitten is deemed unhealthy PLEASE do not procede with treatment unless you intend to keep the kitten. The breeder will not be responsible or REIMBURSE vet bills.

-Breeder believes this kitten to be genetically sound and free of any genetic defects. If at the time of your examination the kitten is diagnosed with any type of genetic defect that would cause the kitten to not live a normal life or die within a year - breeder will replace the kitten. Breeder will also replace the kitten should it die within one year from a hereditary defect that was not previously diagnosed once a necropsy report has been received. We feed LifesAbundance dry and wet food if you continue to feed our food we extend our guarantee to 3 years.

- This kitten will live indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outdoors. Administration of FELV or FIV vaccination is unneccessary (has also been connected to cancer at the injection site) as all cats in our home are negative. The only way your new kitten could contract these diseases is if it was to go out and come in contact with a diseased cat.

- If for some reason you are not able to keep your kitten/cat, we will assist you in finding the kitten/cat a new home. Please do not give the kitten/cat to a humane shelter or any other such facility. Please contact us first and we will help.

- We strongly advise against declawing! It is an inhumane procedure which removes the kitten's fingers and toes and can leave them cripple for life.

- If kitten is being adopted as a pet. It is best for kitten to be spayed/neutered. Females at 5 or 6 months. Males at 7 or 8 months. If this kitten is being sold as a breeder it CANNOT be sold intact to another breeder.

- Breeder reserves the right to cancel this contract if conditions are not met.

By signing this contract adopters agrees and understands the terms stated.



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