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Quotes If you are looking for a well bred, family raised kitten/cat, look no further. We searched for a quality breeder for some time. Even though BreezyBrook was about five hours away, we did not hesitate. We have got three exceptional persians from Dawn and could not be any happier with them. We know that the next time we are ready for a new family member that we will be going back to BreezyBrook!! Quotes
Rachel Zimmerman
Very Very Satisfied Mom

Quotes Our precious cat Czarina Kimba (Jackie the kitten--she is on the BB Facebook page) reminds us every day that she is the queen of the kingdom. She is the sweetest, most beautiful, and most adorable (and spoiled!) feline. She looks at you with those big sapphire eyes and you are immediately under her command. Her fur is like a soft fluffy cloud and when she turns on her back so you can rub her tummy you know you are in heaven! She has the same friendly and delightful personality as her mama but she can also be stubborn about getting her own way--she is royalty, after all. She is a true blessing and we are so happy that she joined our family! We highly recommend these wonderful cats and Breezy Brook Cattery. All the kittens are lovingly raised with care and tenderness and will bring perpetual joy to your home. Quotes
Philly Friends
We Love, Love, Love Our Beautiful Chocolate Himalayan Persian

Quotes I met Dawn A few years ago while searching for an adult cat or older kitten, and I found my Oden. Heâ??s exactly what I hoped for, a beautiful, playful and affectionate boy, who makes me smile every day. Recently I decided to find a companion for Oden, and I really wanted another one of Dawnâ??s cats. Luckily my Winter became available, Winterâ??s Promise on the website and Facebook page. I havenâ??t had Winter long, but she is a joy, a pretty little girl with a wonderful personality. She quickly made herself at home and showed me that she was happy here. Sheâ??s made my house a home. Dawnâ??s kittens are raised by hand, in a home environment with a whole lot of love and care. It shows, they are beautiful, affectionate, playful and curious. Best of all they come pre-spoiled demanding a lot of love! So if you are looking for the purrfect Persian, you will find it here. When I am ready for another kitty, I will contact Dawn, at Breezy Brook Persians. Thank you for my beautiful fur babies Dawn! Quotes
Love my fur babies!

Quotes After the devastating loss of my other cat Sophia, I started researching Himalayan breeders. I found Breezy Brook and contacted Dawn to see if the kitten I was interested in was still available. She was! A few weeks later we made arrangements to bring our Tessa home. She's been a wonderful addition to our family. She is definitely a Mommy's girl. On my lap every night. Even now she stills "helps" me make the beds. I would love to have another Breezy Brook cat. Quotes
Lynn Bopst
Tessa's Mom

Quotes There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Dawn and her kittens. Two of our three fur babies are BreezyBrook cats, and they are absolutely wonderful. They are affectionate, playful, and beyond amazing with our two young daughters (and us). Our youngest kitty, Teddy, is our youngest daughter's best furry friend, and the tolerance she has for her games is incredible. Our middle kitty, Harry, is always looking for a cuddle and prefers to be where we are in the house. They both get along famously with our oldest cat, Jack. If you are looking for a gorgeous, well tempered, loving cat, look no further. You'll find your purrrfect companion right here at BreezyBrook. Quotes

Quotes I have gotten two of the most gorgeous, loving and kind-hearted cats from Dawn. My precious Napoleon is just the most gorgeous Himalayan I have ever seen, and Mr. Dashwood is a Himalayan Persian with a face and personality that surpasses all my expectations! Besides the magnificent beautiful babies that she breeds, Dawn herself is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Her warm home and loving family is what makes these babies so well adjusted before they get to their forever homes. If I could, I would have a dozen more! I have referred Dawn to two of my friends, and they both went for one kitten and ended up with two! Its hatd to walk away with only one! Thank you Dawn for our 2 boys! They make our house a fun and loving home! ♡♡♡♡♡ Quotes
Judi Saslawsky

Quotes I have wanted a beautiful Persian kitten since I was a little I started my journey of searching for the perfect baby. I came across so many so called "breeders",.and none of them made me feel comfortable. Until I found Breezy Brook online...Dawn was such a pleasure to work with..and you can tell she takes pride in raising happy,.healthy,.Beautiful little Persian kittens. I couldn't be happier to have my precious little boy at home with me. I HIGHLY recommend Breezy Brook if you are looking for a perfect furry little friend to add to your family. I can't thank you enough Dawn, for all your help in making my dream come true. Quotes
Dawn Livio
Extremely satisfied mommy

Quotes Whell All I can say is if i was gona get a persian id go to you to get mine but i only likr the doll faced i seen two that are to die for and your doll face kittens are realy verry beautifull healthy looking kittens. you have a great cattery and you are a great breeder. god bless you on your labor of love and all your happy costermers. IN HIGH REGARDS Mrs Betty Coker. Quotes
Betty Coker
Disabled Home Maker.

Quotes We have an 8 1/2 year old HImilayan for which we were looking for a playmate. Along came our adorable red tabby from BreezyBrook, who has forever changed our household. He's affectionate, playful, mischievous, and a delight to have as a part of our family. Dawn, you've done well, purrfect - thank you!! :o) Quotes
S. and S. Runyon
happy parents

Quotes Our kittens Meadow & Mario could not be better pets for my son. They are the most well behaved, friendly, healthy and happy cats ! When they have their appointments at the vet, the entire office staff wants to see them and play with them - they love the attention! Never have a litter box problem - they are well trained and completely socialized and were ready to join our family from the minute we picked them up. Dawn does an amazing job of raising beautiful happy kittens. Quotes
Deb Taubel and family
Happy Family of Meadow & Mario